Joe K. Fuller

Roman Empire: Reign of Blood

Main title sequence for Roman Empire: Reign of Blood on Netflix.

  • Main Titles
  • for Netflix's Mini Series
  • Roman Empire: Reign of Blood
  • My Role:
  • Lead Animator + Compositor
  • Design + Edit
  • Creative Director: Man-Wai Cheung, Mina Muto
  • Art Director: Rad Mora
  • Producer: Turner Poth
  • Animation + Composite: Sam Feske
  • Additional Animation: Anthony Serraino
  • Color Correction + Composite: Kyunghee Jwa, Rad Mora
  • Animation Intern: David Reyes
  • The final look
  • was a composite of two 3d renders
  • I optimized to save time and reduce
  • render errors.